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Video created by current PYM Committee members, Bella and Ryan

Frequently Asked Questions

WHO/HOW MANY PEOPLE COME TO THESE EVENTS? There is generally a pretty large group of folks who come from around the diocese.  Churches both large and small send youth and adults invested in young people. 


DO ADULTS NEED TO COME TOO? Youth come together as a church group with adult chaperones in tow.  ALL YOUTH MUST BE ACCOMPANIED – this is not like camp, where the youth get dropped off and then picked back up at the end. The ratio for youth to adults is 1:6 for Sr. High and Jr. High weekends, and 1:3 for 4th & 5th Grade weekend. 


WHAT DO ADULTS DO? While much of the program is run by the PYM committee, there is always some free time (generally on Saturday afternoon) planned in – which should be supervised by the adult chaperones.   They are also responsible for checking on their youth after the program has ended each night (make sure they are all going to sleep!), and making sure that they youth are attending the program. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for youth leaders to meet other people in the Diocese who are doing the same work.  We always provide chances for youth leaders to share their challenges and successes – and often offer other – more structured – ways for youth leaders to connect with and get to know one another.


WHAT IF I CAN’T FIND ADULT LEADERS? Often, churches in the same area will join together to attend these weekends.  Adults from one church will take kids to one weekend, and then adults from the other church will chaperone another weekend. 


WHAT IF I HAVE TO ARRIVE LATE OR LEAVE EARLY? Contact Sierra Gore at (800) DIOCESE x1023 or  Sierra is happy to speak with you and problem solve with you.


WHERE DO WE STAY? For Senior High and 4th and 5th Grade Weekends, you will be assigned a room at Shrine Mont in the Hotel or in a cottage next to the hotel.  We eat in the Hotel dining hall, gather in the Ballroom for large groups, and hold all of our other programming in or around other parts of the hotel. For Junior High weekend the committee, all youth, and brave adult chaperones stay in the cabins at St. George’s Camp. We gather in the Rec Hall as a large group and eat meals at Tucker Dining Hall.


WHY DO I WANT TO ATTEND ONE OF THESE WEEKENDS? Well, if nothing else, it’s a lot of fun for you and your youth!  The kids enjoy singing “camp” – type songs, the games are fun, and it’s a chance for your youth to feel connected with something bigger than just their own youth group.  It is a chance for you – as a youth leader – to connect with others and share ideas/tips/frustrations/etc.  And if nothing else, it’s a great chance to support the youth in our Diocese who have stepped up into a leadership position and have given of their own time, treasures, and talents to do something special for others!  Did I mention it is a lot of fun?


HOW DO I SIGN UP? We use Eventbrite for our registration process. As registration goes live, it will be posted here on our website and on our Facebook page. We have tiered pricing based on registration date generally starting six weeks out from the date of the weekend. 

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? A PYM weekend costs $160 which covers the cost of room and board and additional administrative fees. Early registrations are offered at a lower price and late registrations incur an additional cost. SCHOLARSHIPS are available; we never want cost to be prohibitive of participating in a PYM weekend - please contact Sierra for information on financial assistance.

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If you have any other questions, please contact me and I'll be happy to chat with you!

804-643-0451 x1023

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